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Jamieson Partners hung up its brass plate in 1984.

It is New Zealand’s longest established Employment Relations Consultancy serving workers and employers alike in the Wellington Region, with quality, timely advice and support at reasonable fees.

Services include:

Ross Jamieson its principal, is amongst New Zealand’s most experienced practitioners.

He has conducted over 1000 cases in mediation, Tribunals, Arbitration, Labour and Employment Courts.

Assignments have come from companies, government, small and medium businesses, law firms and he has acted for hundreds of workers be they truck drivers, brothel madams, scientists, or well know executives.

Ross has negotiated agreements for such varied employers as shearing contractors, engineers, banks and major industrial groupings.

On the other side of the coin, he negotiated collective employment agreements for rest-home workers, aircraft engineers, hospital doctors, quarry workers to instance but a few assignments.

Ross brings to employment relations, skills as author of the popular multivolume New Zealand Employment Law Guide (CCH), newspaper columnist; U.K. and U.S. experience as an industrial officer – plus University teaching.

Clients get no nonsense, timely advice. He operates out of a charming office in Mahina Bay, Wellington.

Fees are modest, overheads few. The partnership has a copious library and wide network of colleagues and contacts.

Inquires welcome, be you an employer or worker. References available.

Cushla Jamieson the other partner, whilst primarily a family lawyer, provides a balance through knowledge of general law.

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