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A personal grievance is a legal process to hopefully fix up things that can go wrong for you at work.

personal grievance

Examples include:

  • bullying (being bullied),
  • fired / let go,
  • unfair dismissal,
  • overloaded with work,
  • put in unsafe situations,
  • given unfair warnings,
  • put through a discipline process,
  • discriminated against,
  • constructive dismissal (put in a situation where you have little option but to resign).

If you find yourself in situations like this and you can’t sort it out by talking to your boss, then Jamieson Partners can help.

What to expect when taking up a personal grievance:

Sometimes, going back to boss and telling them you have taken advice may fix the issue at no cost to yourself. If this doesn’t happen and you engage Jamieson Partners. I will likely raise the matter with your employer and seek a meeting to sort things out.

If things can’t be sorted, the government provides a free mediation service, however it is often better to use a specialist like Jamieson Partners, to guide you through this process to a successful outcome.

This involves meeting with you, setting out the issues in a formal letter, and determining what you want done about it.

To illustrate, being moved away from a bully, seeking compensation for the grief or stress you have been put through or reinstatement into your old job. The grievance must be raised with the employer within 90 days.

If you are a new worker under a 3 month trial period, you probably won’t be able to use the personal grievance procedure unless it’s a human rights type issue.

Should mediation not settle the matter, you have the option of taking the grievance through to the Employment Relations Authority, or as a last resort the Employment Court. Here again, a better outcome is more likely if represented.

It’s well to keep in mind that taking this step can lead to publicity – which can jeopardise a career opportunities. Mediation on the other hand, is private and confidential and most grievances are sorted t in this way.

Jamieson Partners is here to help. Call for a free 15 minute phone consult.

Jamieson Partners fees are modest, as set out under the fees page. It’s not unusual for grievances to be settled with the employer taking care of most costs.

On the other hand, if you are an employer and have trouble with an employee, or perhaps a personal grievance has been taken out against your business, Jamieson Partners can help here too. We have vast experience representing both employer and employee clients.

This gives us an edge over most legal firms and is significantly less expensive.

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