Preliminary consultation (usually on the telephone):
First 15 minutes free.

  • Personal Grievance or Disadvantage Claim,
  • Worker clients have the option of paying an upfront fee of $400 to pursue the grievance plus 20% of any compensation awarded. This 20% only arises if Jamieson Partners are not reimbursed fair costs by the other side. The $400 fee includes formal letters, face-to-face talks with the employer, representation at mediation and if necessary Employment Relations Authority advocacy. Most clients choose this option. However, as there is a contingency risk element to this fee Jamieson Partners reserves the right to decline to advocate in the Employment Relations Authority if there are significant risks. Employment Relations Authority hearings incur a filing fee of $70. This payment is the client’s responsibility.

Standard Hourly Fee.

  • $100 — so for example
  • check a Employment Agreement usually 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour; $50 / $75.
  • days bargaining negotiation on behalf of a Union or Employer, $700 / $1,000

Legal Aid

  • Jamieson Partners are Legal Aid Providers. Clients who qualify for legal aid do not incur any direct costs apart from a deposit required by Legal Aid.
  • Beware — Legal aid can be a mixed blessing, and compensation awarded used to offset Legal Aid costs. Furthermore, liens may be put on assets to recover costs in time. There is considerable red tape.